Late last night Xia’s sister Xara has a litter of eighteen in her own nursery cage, so there are little eeping sounds coming from both sides of the room. Sadly one of her little ones didn’t make the night, but seventeen is still a large litter. I hope that their third sister, Xuzy, will have a small litter so I can foster some over.

Xia continues to work on the nest, and covers the babies over when she leaves them.

The babies’ ears are still folded forwards as if they were moulded triangles.

Thanks to the webcam I have watching the nest, I can see that Xia is feeding the babies every hour to hour and a half, spending half an hour on the nest each time.

Xia and the babies’ father, Vector, each have an ancestor with dumbo ears, which are lower set than standard top ears, but as there is just a 1 in 32 chance that they could produce some dumbo eared babies I’d better not get my hopes up.

2 days old