The rat kittens now have needle sharp claws front and back, making me wish they were retractable. I can no longer say that I can’t feel where the babies are as they scale my legs. I do trim the claws on my older rats, but I think it would defeat me to trim these little wrigglers’ nails.

I’ve realised that when I cleaned out the cage yesterday there was no sign whatsoever of the shells I had given them to play with. Watching the lamb chop bones that I have put in the cage disappear gives me a clue where they may have gone. I imagine calcium is useful in whichever form it comes.

The weather is continuing hot, so I’ve given them a frozen water bottle alongside the normal one, and we have damp towels hanging near the cage in an attempt to keep the temperature down. I’m keeping the room curtains almost closed too, and this combination seems to be working reasonably well to take a couple of degrees off.

27 days