The mums and babies had egg for breakfast today, broken into a food bowl and microwaved into scrambled egg, complete with four half shells because we know how calcium hungry they are. The funniest sight of the morning was a tiny little ratlet hopping away like a tiny kangaroo with half an egg shell in its mouth, because it was far too large to carry.

Xia and Xara stayed in the group cage for the first time today, getting the first choice of breakfast while I had the babies in the playpen. They are going to stay as a group with the does that I keep, so I need to start easing them into staying with their kittens and not the old group. That will leave me wtih two older groups that I can merge when the numbers in those groups fall.

I tend to do things differently with bucks, and add young rats to each group in turn so there is a range of ages. It means that by the time a buck is at an age where I’m thinking of breeding from him, he’s fairly close to the top of the pecking order.

I have six groups of rats at the moment, One of old ladies, two girl groups of intermediate age, two boy groups of mixed age, and the mums  and babies. Once I split the baby boys from their mothers that will be seven groups, but only for a few weeks until my keeper boys join a boy group.