The last three baby girls were due to go to their new home this evening, leaving me with my six girls and my daughter’s two. Their new mum and dad arrived around 7pm as arranged, and like a fool I asked if they would like to take their girls straight away, or stay for the baby girls’  playtime and take them at then end. They decided to stay for playtime, and we discussed how to introduce the babies to  their two older girls, resulting in new dad popping home to collect their other two girls so we could introduce them here. While he was away, I rang the dinner bell and rattled the mix to call the babies home for dinner time, but I hadn’t taken into account the fact that having strangers in the room would make the babies jittery and not a single little ratlet came back.  

Dad returned with their older rats, and the three of us spent the next part of the evening catching ratlets one by one until we reached the point where there was only one left to find – one of their three new babies. She was hiding at the back of a row of cages, between the cages and the wall.  Finally, having sent new mum and dad out of the room, she came back to me, and we put her in with her sister and cousin where it became evident that she was very much in season. We then added the two older girls. There followed a textbook introduction with no aggro at all, and they finally went off to their new homes at 8.35pm. Phew.

I think next time we just go for the straight hand over.