2014 was a good year. My hubby and I got used to having the younger two kids back home after a lovely few months of just the two of us, and both of them are now focussing on their futures and sorting themselves out with the hope of fledging once again. Our eldest son is engaged to a lovely young man and working hard to make a solid future for them both.

By my calculations, my dad managed to get through the year with less than a week in hospital, which is his best record for several years. Keep upright, dad, careful with the Zimmer! My mum is coping (just) with his habit of turning the telly on to full volume and then nodding off to sleep, only waking if the telly is turned off.

Having initially looked into making a Kindle file of my rat care guide for new owners of the ratties I breed, I ended up actually e-publishing it for anyone to buy and then even making a paperback version. Two more books later and an amazing amount of help and support from my friends and family I sold an incredible (to me at least) 55 paperback books, 15 e-books and 6 Kindle Unlimited borrows in December. Gobsmacked am I.

The ratties have done well too, winning three of the six shows we went to and with two amazing litters being born. I do love my ratties.

The newest fad is my graphics tablet, which is the best thing I’ve bought in a long time. After a few attempts at copying from photos, I’ve now found a technique of drawing straight over the top of photos which gives fantastic results. It makes it looks as if I can really draw, whereas it’s actually just a very labour intensive method of photo editing.

So all we have to do now is make 2015 an even better year. It’s going to be hard, but I’m up for it!

Happy Ratty New Year!