Last summer, when we had the two litters that went to create my book The Rat’s Whiskers, I had planned to mate up Xandy rather than Xara. Then shortly before I did the matings Xandy fell from the top of the cage during free-range. She immediately had a seizure, which I put down to the fall, so I didn’t have a litter from her in case there were any lasting effects.

I’ve been regretting not breeding from her ever since as she’s been completely fit and healthy, so in mid December I mated her to Zachary and five days ago she had a beautiful litter of seven.

I’m really enjoying having a fairly small litter that no-one has any expectations about, as this is the first time I’ve posted about them. I’m planning to keep all of them, so I don’t need to think about homes for them. No-one is expecting regular updates on them and I’m not committed to taking daily photos to make a book about them, so they’re just lovely and stress free. It’s a perfect start to the new year.