Well I had to try one, didn’t I? Two actually, as it was 65p each or 88p for two. Ahem. Maybe the change is a sales gimmick. Maybe they’re going to say ‘Haha, fooled you!” in a week or so and announce it was all a hoax.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought them as a box, so the change from half a dozen to five won’t affect me.

My first impression is that the it hasn’t changed much. The chocolate feels a bit harder to the bite than I remember, but that could be because there is ice on the ground today. (Slippery!) Then as the chocolate reaches the back of the sides of my tongue it starts to taste a little different. It seems a little less sweet, which possibly makes too it much of a contrast to the extreme sweetness of the fondant. Once I’ve eaten the egg there is a noticeable difference to the aftertaste, reminding me a little of baking chocolate, or maybe some Hershey’s Kisses someone kindly sent me once that I gave away because they didn’t taste right. But a cup of tea once I reach the office sorts the aftertaste.

So, the egg seems subtly ‘wrong’. Either because it actually is different or because I’m expecting it to be. It isn’t the intense high that I would expect of my first creme egg of the year, so maybe at fifty two I’ve finally grown out of them. Not a bad thing, I guess. I do think this is the last time I’ll try them.

Here’s the Beeb’s take on it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/30780010