Saturday was the day of the latest Midlands Rat Club show, so we were up at six to get ready and pick up my friend for the drive up to Long Eaton. There was a film crew there making a natural history programme about the pests that live in our houses, using the rat show as a counterpoint to their filming about wild animals. We’re just hoping they are kind to us!

I took four girls to enter into the show and six boys for the filming. The boys didn’t get to do that much as they were overwhelmed by the noise of the show, although Bailiwick did star in the spot they filmed about the agility course.

Adeline was my little star as she came fourth in the show. I’m really pleased by that as I am planning to breed from her later in the year and it’s good to have confirmation that I’ve chosen a good rat to breed from. The best bit came at the very end, when Claire from Black Lupin Rats did really well taking Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and Stud Buck, so she’s now half way to gaining her stud name. Go Claire!

The programme will be out sometime in the Spring, so we’re all looking out for it.