I’m still busy learning clay. Last week I used the plaster slab I had made to recycle some of my throwing scraps. I’ve now got a system of three buckets going, my throwing water, my scraps bucket and my recycling slip bucket. A potato masher seems to be just right to mash up the scraps into a nice thick slip, and then after standing for a few days it will pour out nicely a little at a time onto the plaster slab. Then it takes a few hours or a day or so to dry up, depending on the weather. This past week has been really hot, but humid too, so it’s taking a while to dry.

My throwing is slowly improving, with my pots getting a little more even now, although they are still rather thick-walled. We’ll get there – there’s plenty of time before I can get a kiln.

The pottery classes at college have ended until September, although I still need to pick up a bowl next Monday. Here’s the little pot I made at the beginning, slab rolled with a jumper and embroidered flowers for texture. It’s not as round at the top as it began; I’m not sure what happened there. I’ve made a little ratty slab sculpture too, but it looks like I forgot to take his picture. Later.


Thanks to anyone who is listening to my ramblings.